Lenovo has promised a smartphone with 4 TB of internal memory


A few years ago pricey IPhones were sold with only 16 GB of memory – that today is quite small. Was recently presented the world’s first smartphone with a 1 TB ROM, and this is a new record, which the Chinese company Lenovo has set out to beat.

In the words of Chang Chen, Vice President of Lenovo, this brand in the very near future will be a smartphone, on Board of which will be from 4 terabytes of internal memory is more than the capacity of the hard disk or SSD most of those who read this text. Most importantly, the mobile phone will even not next year and not fall, and a month later, in June 2018, called Lenovo Z5.

All of its features kept secret, but, apparently, the screen is 95 percent of the area of the front panel, since earlier about this smartphone say, all the same Chang Chang. A 4-terabyte drive can fit 150,000 songs in lossless format, about a million photos and a couple thousand of movies in high definition. Now the only question is the cost of Lenovo Z5, because even conventional hard drives 4 terabytes worth a lot, not to mention storage devices based on flash memory, which will be used in the smartphone.


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