Legendary resort on the Crimean coast was sold for a penny


Легендарный санаторий на крымском побережье был продан за копейки

Легендарный санаторий на крымском побережье был продан за копейки

Crimea. Foros. Sanatorium “Foros”
Photo: Alexey PAVLICEK / TASS

The famous sanatorium “foros” with all its swimming pools, saunas, mud and faceted glasses of kefir until recently, prior to nationalization, was owned by Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky. Where did the bourgeois Kolomoisky as much money — this question has already faded into the background. Everyone is interested in, how much money do public Union organization. “Where did they get the billions and why we never knew?” “They have to spend on the workers, to buy vouchers, social issues.” Similar responses to the event went like an avalanche. And immediately there was speculation that the money for this purchase was taken from a jug someone else and that the unions with their trembling before the power of the flag, someone is. We knew that there was Karl Marx, who wrote: “trade unions are required for guerrilla fight between capital and labour…” And who stands now, when this struggle ended in reconciliation of the parties? Do little green men, who in public opinion, they are evergreen?

It is noteworthy that the purchase of the Crimean sanatorium did not even news worth mentioning on the website of the trade Union Federation. On 3 February, the day the results of the auction were generously reported by the information Agency, on this website under “news of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Tatarstan” competed in the importance of such events as ski competitions at the company “Chistopolsky electric networks” and the meeting of club of Council of young teachers of Kazan. And that young teachers will soon be able to point the skis in foros, not a word. No messages, no promises. * Phone the press service of the Federation all day did not answer, and in the wording of the trade Union newspaper “New word” to the correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” frankly admitted: “We ourselves have just learned about purchasing “foros” of electronic media”.

Some believe that the dilapidated “foros” Tatarstan imposed and nothing but problems, this purchase will bring. The most alarmed citizens remember the sanctions and say, “Why Tatarstan even have to go there to climb?” But for many, along with inspiring formula “Crimea is ours” appeared the same cheerful “Perosnal”. Someone even wrote: “will Have to join the Union”.

Of course. But suddenly will not accept? Ask: “where were you when we fought auction for the happiness of the working people?”

Boris Bronstein,

“Crimpiness”: 1 427 581 370 rubles


Легендарный санаторий на крымском побережье был продан за копейки

Crimea. Foros. Cottage “Tesseli”
Photo: Alexey PAVLICEK / TASS

In the sale of the sanatorium “foros” were two of the applicant: LLC “ACAR” and Federation of trade unions of Tatarstan. The initial cost of the sanatorium was 1 474 421 thousand rubles. During the trades unions have raised the price only by 0.5% to 1 581 427 370 rubles, which was the amount of the transaction.

The trade unions represented Rustam Vakhitov. You should pay attention to such detail: LLC “ACAR” is directed by Rostislav Vakhitov, father of Rustam.

The company “AKAR” has interested me ten years ago, in 2005, when I conducted a journalistic investigation into the real beneficiary of the acquisition is again part of the sanatorium “foros”, called in official documents “objects — the property of giving “Tesseli”. The speech then went about 28 acres of land on the black sea coast of the Crimea and the mansions in pre-revolutionary times belonged to the heirs of the hero of the battle of Borodino of General Rajewski (in Soviet times, the dacha was used by Maxim Gorky, then it was a house of relaxation). Crimea then, as you know, was Ukrainian.

March 11, 2002, the company “ACAR” under the contract of purchase-sale of state assets were purchased from the government of the Crimea “objects — the property of giving “Tesseli”, located at the address: Yalta, p. G. T., foros, foros street decline # 3.

In 2005 I found out that the founders of LLC “ACAR” was the company “Interinvest”, the Cypriot company EMBERG VENTURES LIMITED and LLC “NIRA-export”. Operational management “Akarom” was performed by Rostislav Vakhitov, while concurrently the representative of Tatarstan in Crimea and Ukraine. And LLC “ACAR”, and the representative of Tatarstan in Crimea were on the same legal address — Sebastopol, PL. Lazareva. By that time, when LLC “ACAR” purchased “Tesseli”, the company has already owned the tank farm, near Yalta and the group of stations.

In the ownership structure of LLC “ACAR” there is a well-known company in Tatarstan LLC “NIRA-export” controlled by Radik Shaimiev, Jr. the son of the former President of Tatarstan (established in 1992 by Radik Shaimiev and Austrian businessman Nikolay Capranica). In the second half of 90-ies “NIRA-export” has become one of the fastest growing companies of Tatarstan, acting as a key founder of the company TAIF, which now controls 96% chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industries of Tatarstan.

In this regard, it is possible to assume that on 3 February 2016 the Federation of trade unions of Tatarstan has bought sanatorium “foros” in the interests of “shimanskogo clan”. Because of poor trade Union, it would be difficult to find nearly half a billion on their own. So I will not be surprised if the result will be that money to buy allocated, for example, the same TAIF. And then, it is possible that the 28 hectares of the Crimean land under “Tesseli”, and 65 hectares belonging to the sanatorium “foros”, will eventually be combined into an integrated complex.

Pros rest!


In the USSR sanatorium “foros” was one of the so-called group of the Crimean sanatoria of the Central Committee of the CPSU. There was a part of the sanatorium “Russia” and “South”. The level was average, there rested mainly second secretaries of the Central Committee of the party organizations of the national republics, territories and regional leadership. The construction is fully completed in 1987.

In the complex of state facilities in this area included the state house, main and backup underground complexes governing the country for the special period under the jurisdiction of the 9th Department of the KGB of the USSR. It was planned-losing complex, constantly demanding huge subsidies from the budget. Ukraine and close had no such funds. Therefore, the control in case of nuclear war they were plundered and abandoned, and sanatoria, which the oligarchs on corruption schemes for pennies, a quarter of a century imperceptibly fell into disrepair.

The sanatorium is located on the territory of the foros Park, created by the famous Russian first Guild merchant Kuznetsov, a seller of tea. The Kuznetsovs, by the way, not only through trade, but had their own tea plantations in India and Ceylon. As far as I know, this is not in Russia, nor in Ukraine. The Park is a unique, for tourists in Yalta — one of the main centers of attraction.

When Ukraine gained independence, the sanatorium “foros” became the property of the Ukrainian state. Specifically — has been run by the Supreme Council of the Crimea. During the reign of Kuchma, not later than 2002, it was bought into private ownership oligarch Pinchuk, son-in-law of the President. In 2003, the local authorities started to take land “under Pinchuk”. It was then that for some price they had bought all the foros Park 65 ha. Managed object “AeroSvit Kurort” is considered to be a joint venture between Pinchuk and Kolomoisky.

According to our sources, the purchase was made under the strongest pressure on the deputies of the Supreme Council of Crimea and the holding of unfair evaluation. If all then bought land for construction of hotels for $ 20 per square meter in the most inconvenient places, the oligarchs have paid 7-8 dollars for a unique area of the Park more like a Botanical garden. How much did they pay for a huge Park actually, I think nobody knows except the parties to the transaction.

Because he can’t cost 5 million dollars, as announced. So, most of the deals were made in secret collusion separately. This had to include everything “thanks to” cash for the favor of the deputies.

The person who carried out assessment of land for sale, disappeared for a time and returned to their previous place of residence after the “orange revolution”, when they thought you “legit”. According to him, the assessment he made under the pressure and disappeared because it caused financial disputes between claimants to the sanatorium. Thus, after the “orange revolution” Pinchuk and Kolomoisky come to reconciliation on the issue of the cost of the Park and of the resort.

The story appears on the object Kolomoisky is replete with mysteries. Whether he initially chipped in with Pinchuk in 2007, whether bought part of the land — all the sources say different. But he has consistently strengthened its position, and in 2009 it was announced that all this now belongs to the group “Privat”. Park all this time was opened to tourists.

In year 2005, the administration tried to take money for entrance to the Park, and, hence, on the beaches of the resort. But the indignant inhabitants foros blocked the entrance, and at night all returned to the former order. The only hole cards sanatorskaya beach left the so-called “Healing beach”.

Kuznetsova estate, located next to the main building of the sanatorium, is also used as one of the buildings. Was there even Gorky with Chaliapin, the interiors painted by Makovsky and Korzukhin. In addition, there is a solid collection of paintings of this period. In short, if you add up the cost of all land, the Park as a unique object, historic buildings with collections of furniture and paintings, the amount of 18 million dollars, which was invested in the acquisition of customers from the Tatar trade unions, seem just a penny.

But actually sold only residential buildings, administrative buildings, medical and sports facilities. 65 hectares of Park will be rented, and very expensive. In such hands, the buyer had been rather a burden. Because the main building after the annexation of Crimea to Russia is recognized as an architectural Commission is not irreparable.

Around the village three township-forming enterprise: the sanatorium “foros”, the name Terletsky, and “South”. “South” has always belonged to the administrative Department of the President of Ukraine and has now moved to administration of aprf. And the sanatorium. Terletsky for many years owned by Russian VTB.

And immediately after March 2014, the Bank decided to study the question of the purchase of the sanatorium “foros” without the Park. That’s when his leadership and architects, hired by the administration of the sanatorium. Terletsky, decided that the only way to make a serviceable object is to demolish all Soviet buildings, dilapidated without a single penny of capital investments in the Ukrainian period, and to build a modern sanatorium-resort facilities.

Residents foros reacted extremely wary of these plans. After all, VTB would become a monopolist on the coast. Still remembered how Kolomoisky set to control the “foros” managers “Bukovel Resort” from Western Ukraine, immediately replaced the entire staff, up to seasonal workers, people of this region. Turning off the water, which according to the Soviet scheme was received from the wells in Baydarskaya valley, first in a sanatorium, and then in the village of foros, managers Kolomoisky began to show the administrative, personnel and economic requirements of the local authorities. To negotiate with them was virtually impossible on any matter. The situation was similar to the relationship in pre-revolutionary Central Asia, when the owner of the water utility supplying the irrigation ditches, going to the field, was the absolute master in all areas of life, up to determine the composition of the harems of the local nobility.

Therefore, the appearance of the third largest owner in the vicinity of foros does not cause while similar calls from local residents. But still unclear to them two main questions: will the new owner the ability to control the conduit and will enjoy free entry to the Park. Me interviewed owners of several private hotels of foros engaging their customers Park, welcomed the scheme, under which land, the main value in the long term, for rent only for rent, not ownership.

However, we must always remember about the scheme Pinchuk and Kolomoisky: first bought the building, and then under them on the sly, in several stages, blocking a leak in a public field, they began to buy more land. First — the actual land of the sanatorium, and then the entire Park. Monument of that time in the Park had left the concrete skeletons of unfinished for lack of funds several private cottages. Exactly the inhabitants of Ukraine purchase land around the southern coast of Crimea. Therefore, the main concern is to ensure that the land further.


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