Legendary motorcycle “Minsk” became the electric


Легендарный мотоцикл «Минск» стал электрическим   The model will hit the market, roughly in the following year.

Belarus became a place where there will be the release of a new model of an old motorcycle. The famous “Minsk” has acquired the lightness and noiselessness.

At the moment, ends the final stage of creation of check. By the way, the view has not changed much. And according to the developers, from domestic instance took the frame and wheel.

It is known that the capacity varies from 8 to 20 kW. Experts expect a maximum speed of 150 kilometers per hour, but is recommended to drive a maximum 120 kilometers.

The restyled model motorcycle has a smaller acceleration, firm brakes and easier controlled when cornering. Mass is also much smaller. Version has passed all the necessary tests.

Plus is almost silent engine, which is very useful in a city where the lack of other noises.

While working on this project was about. Though the model still requires several improvements, but the developers were satisfied.
You will need regular charging, such as the computer to fully charge the unit, and all this will take about 4 hours.

But the bike will be introduced changes, for example, a more powerful engine and new design.


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