Legendary game celebrates 20 year anniversary


Легендарная игра отмечает 20-летний юбилейThis game became the progenitor of the popular games today.

24 Sep famous MMORPG Ultima Online celebrated the anniversary — 20 years since the official launch. This is one of the first representatives of the genre of MMORPG and the first game of its kind gained world-wide popularity. Thanks to Ultima Online came to light in World of Warcraft, the Secret World and other famous MMORPG. But most interesting is that over the past 20 years came out and then was forgotten a huge number of MMORPG, while Ultima Online is still there and still has a huge army of fans around the world.

For 20 years, Ultima Online has grown to hundreds and even thousands of stories. One of the most famous of these is the assassination of Lord British — the Creator of the game. Lord British was a character Richard Garriott, Creator of Ultima Online. August 9, 1997 passed another stress test on the number of concurrent connections. The day a player under the name Rainz be allowed in the British spell “wall of Fire”, from which he died on the spot. Lord British, as well as other characters of the developers, were invulnerable to such attacks.

But immortality was deliberately removed for some gaming sessions to test the game mechanics. 9 Aug Richard Garriott simply forgot to include his status of immortality, which allowed Rainz’have to kill the Creator of the game. Later this player was banned for permanent use bugs of the game.

The days of the former glory of Ultima Online are long gone, but the game server is not empty even after 20 years. During this time the project has even changed the team.


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