Leak-a-million: who is to blame for draining your Bank data?


Утечка на миллион: кто виноват в сливе банковских данных?

There was a major leak in the databases of three major Russian banks. The secret information of nearly 1 million customers were leaked online. So many personal data in this volume, you can use not only cheaters, but also people serious. What is dangerous and what consequences it may lead?

Just imagine that all your personal information including name, phone numbers, passport details, place of work and more was put “on public display”. The worst thing is that not only personal data, but also cash balances on personal accounts. Not surprisingly, if soon these sums will begin to disappear from the “expensive” clients”.

The database was made available for digital download on the forum, which is an international resource and was an American by the Registrar in the name of Ukrainian citizen, a server located in Germany.

You should not worry if you are not a customer of Alfa-Bank, HKF-Bank or OTP Bank. But, at least, have to think about the security of their data with other banks, once such a large company can “throw” a million base.

DeviceLock found on the Internet two leakage of information about customers of Alfa-Bank. In one of them there are about 55 thousand customers and the complete information about each of them. Information is dated 2014-2015 over the years, but that’s no reason to throw the secret data. But the second a little smaller, only 504 of the client, but the information is fresh and collected in 2018-2019.

In addition to this base was discovered two others, which contain information l customer HCF-Bank and OTP Bank. And who knows which banks will do the same. You can’t be 100% sure, since company of this magnitude scattered secret information of their customers.

Scary to think of anyone who would or already have used the personal data and in any mercenary purposes. The simple and obvious scammers who make phone calls posing as Bank employees. They gained experience and learned how to gain the confidence of Bank customers, showing knowledge of personal data, under various pretexts, extracting passwords and code words.

The heads of the screwed up banks deny everything and claim that no information could leak. But the origin of the existing databases are unknown to them. The founder of Alfa-Bank assumes that his company’s figures for the 2014-2015 year may leak during the mass dismissal of the regional IT Department. It turns out that the fault of “turnover” affecting thousands of people? And if we talk about data the 2018-2019 year, they could easily take a client Manager who specializiruetsya on the fight against fraud.

So, for that fought for it and ran. In the hope of securing client data and the rights of citizens, we trust your personal data and are formed in the whole base, which is presented to the crooks on a silver platter with a gold platter. Use your health!


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