Lawyer about why orphans waiting for years instead of apartments


Юрист о том, почему дети-сироты годами ждут положенных квартир

“No money, and where to take them, it is unclear”: lawyer on why the orphans waiting for years instead of apartments

In the Republic of Tuva fifteen orphans for years not getting them put on housing law, to protest overnight in the building of the Agency for family Affairs. They demanded to provide them with apartments, and before the term — temporary housing.
Show all… On the protesters drew up a report on the disobedience police, and the head of the Republic Sholban Kara-ool said that it is the spin doctors got orphans in “shoddy and cynical blackmail”. “Such things” asked the lawyer Svetlana Viktorov, a lawyer of the human rights project “Patronus” to explain why orphans do not receive housing.

“Each region has a list of orphans who need to receive apartment from the state. As a rule, they are not children and they are already far beyond 20 years.

This list is the sequence: first, get an apartment they [the orphans], who put on record in 2000, then the ones set, for example, in 2013. In fact, this sequence is illegal, but the other way somehow to implement this procedure, the regional authorities do not know. Each year, the region decides how many units he will be able to give children. Half of this amount is paid from the regional budget, and half from the Federal. The authorities know about how they have the big pocket, that is how many children they can provide with. In some regions, as in Moscow and Tyumen, almost no queue, and there are regions where 800 children are in the queue, is Krasnoyarsk, Zabaykalsky and Primorsky Krai, Sverdlovsk, Saratov, Omsk, Irkutsk region. There are regions where all the money is not allocated to any apartment.

What should the children in this case? Some turn to the courts to oblige the regional body to provide housing. Then the court issues a decision that such-and-such to provide housing out of turn.

But what do you mean precedence? After all, all orphans eligible to receive housing out of turn, but all these neocaledonica are listed, of which I spoke. In this case there is another turn: from orphans whose hands the decision of the court. These orphans are first provided with housing. In fact, all these orphans that can’t get apartment, can contact the Prosecutor, and the Prosecutor’s office in interests of the orphan is always with pleasure goes to the courts. But even obtaining judicial decisions to nothing. No money from the regions and where to take them, is unclear. The only solution to this problem is to entrust the care of orphans to the Federal budget. For many years go about the conversation, the deputies submit draft laws, but the budget itself does not take.

Protests lead to nothing, it is exactly. From the fact that the children came to the administration to demand their housing, will not change anything because Tuva has no money”.

Program to provide orphans with housing began in Tuva in 2008, almost 20 years, the state has not allocated funds for this. For 10 years, the program received new housing more than 1,200 children-orphans. In the queue for housing, according to the official government portal of the Republic of Tuva on January 1, 2018, remain 4.6 thousand people, of which more than 1.8 thousand over 23 years.



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