Large-scale protests in Austria: citizens defend labor rights


Масштабные протесты в Австрии: граждане отстаивают трудовые права People took to the streets to prevent the increase of maximum operation time.

The Austrian government intends to increase the allowed length of the working day. These plans brought to the streets of Vienna, tens of thousands of people.

In Vienna on Saturday, June 30, held mass protest action against plans of the Austrian government to increase the allowable duration of the working day to 12 hours and the working week to 60 hours. According to police, the rally was attended by 80 thousand people, the unions said about 100 thousand participants.

The current protest was the first in the country after the end of 2017, Chancellor of Austria became Sebastian Kurz. His government is considering concessions in working time as a measure by which companies will have more “flexibility”. The bill should be put to the vote in the Austrian Parliament on Thursday, 5 July.

To date, the standard duration of the working day in Austria is 8 hours and the working week is 40 hours. But now companies have the right to take their employees for ten hours per day and 50 hours per week.

Under pressure from the opposition, the government relaxed the norms previously prepared the bill, giving an increase in working time at the discretion of the employer.


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