Laptops Microsoft has discovered a serious flaw


В ноутбуках Microsoft обнаружили серьезный недостатокMicrosoft has confirmed this feature of the work Surface Book 2

Microsoft confirmed one of the nuances of working with the notebook Surface Book 2 that drew the attention of the journalists of The Verge at the time of review. It turned out that the computer during the games gradually loses charge even when plugged in. Primary consumer supports NVIDIA GTX 1060, pulling from the battery up to 80 watts.

In addition, the part of the energy is “eaten off” the processor is from 25 to 35 watts in high performance mode. Therefore, the peak load can reach 105 watts, while the power supply is capable of delivering not more than 95 watts. Eventually setting maximum performance hurts the power supply and the laptop is discharged.

Microsoft has confirmed this feature of the work Surface Book 2, however, indicated that the laptop is aimed primarily at designers, developers and engineers and is not gaming.


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