Laptop Apple MacBook Pro failed the test for suitability for repair


Any technique sooner or later goes down, but in most cases you can repair it by giving it to a service center. In the case of the new Apple MacBook Pro with 13 inch screen, this trick will not work — if it broke, just throw it out and buy new as to repair he is not suitable. To such conclusion specialists portal iFixit, whose opinion has long been authoritative.

They took apart an Apple MacBook Pro and gave it only 2 points out of 10 on a scale of maintainability, and this is an unequivocal failure, dislike and fail. Inside the laptop was not advanced cooling system, which is so nice talking to representatives of the company — installed with a conventional cooler, so you can take a portion of noodles from the ears. All components except the trackpad, removed very hard, and that was the reason for the low rating.

Apple MacBook Pro plenty of glue, but the RAM modules are firmly soldered to the system Board. Plus, at Assembly apply a proprietary Pentalobe screws, remove that with the help of traditional tools will not work. And most importantly: SSD even if not soldered to the motherboard, but it has a unique connector, so replace it with a new just does not work. So waiting for the Chinese clones of normal architecture and Windows 10.


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