Land Rover revealed the new generation Defender


The long-awaited reboot Defender has leaked into the Internet in form of images.

Restored Land Rover Defender officially opened the Festival of Speed 2019, becoming the first car to win the famous Goodwood hill.

Camouflaged prototype, which debuted publicly at the event, were brought to the mountain by the Duke of Richmond. During the weekend he will participate in the category of “First screening”, and driving the Land Rover engineer Mike Cross, reports the online edition of the with reference to

The prototype just came back from field trials in Kenya, where he passed the last stages of its global engineering program, ahead of the official debut at the end of this year.

The long-awaited reboot Defender has leaked into the Internet in form of images. Picture sent by an anonymous reader and first placed on various Land Rover forums, it seems a working prototype, judging by the fabric on the edge, usually used to protect the interior from prying eyes.

This shows that the new Defender will have a familiar stylistic elements, including a vertical rear door opening angle of 90 degrees to the roof. And will twisted the edge of the roof with the rear hatch and, of course, the classic rear spare tire.

The British manufacturer has previously released images of the prototype, which wears less camouflage than previous test mules, completing the work with the charity Tusk Trust to protect wildlife. The images show how to pull loaded trailers, carry supplies and tracking lions through the reserve trust in Kenya with an area of 14 000 hectares.

Engineers also overcame 1.2 million kilometres, overcoming difficult routes, even for 4×4 in the most adverse conditions in the world.

Land Rover is also the first time confirmed that, as expected, the new Defender will be built next to Discovery on the new Land Rover plant in Slovakia, cost of 1.3 million dollars. This may be somewhat controversial, given the status of Defender, as a proud British cars, but Land Rover said that all work on the design and development was conducted at its base in Gadoni.

In recent months, the Defender was repeatedly subjected to testing, including the Nurburgring, where engineers have carefully tuned the chassis and brakes under various conditions.

Due to the fact that in the beginning of 2020 it will be put into production, the car 4×4 was also previously seen in North America. They say that the engineers were subjected to rival Toyota Land Cruiser “strict tests”, including temperatures from -40 ° C to 48 ° C, and at altitudes of up to 4 thousand km.

The new model is built on an independent rear suspension for better comfort, and the new monocoque chassis, which replaces the bodywork on the frame of an old car. This will make it more rigid, light and modular, which will offer numerous options of the body. Some uses of aluminum can further reduce the weight.


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