Lack of water is detrimental to the male body – scientists


Even a small reduction in the physiological water balance is extremely dangerous for the body men, the researchers found.

The researchers said that the damage to health from lack of fluid comparable to the harm from Smoking.

“Reducing the amount of water in the body young men just 1% below the physiological norm leads to an increase in the risk of heart disease,” – noted experts.

Scientists conducted a study in which they closely watched all the changes in the cardiovascular system of young men, against the backdrop of a lack of fluid in the body. It turned out that even with a small lack of moisture in the body, men began to change the elasticity of blood vessels, which were having trouble with blood flow in the arteries and, subsequently, as a result of a breach of the myocardium.

“This lack of fluid outwardly manifested only in the emergence of feelings of thirst, however, the damage from a minor dehydration can be compared with the harm from Smoking,” – concluded in the end, the researchers.

According to a source, this kind of scientific investigation was conducted for the first time. Scientists intend to test the effect of dehydration on the cardiovascular system and women.


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