Lack of sleep leads to DNA damage and cancer


Недостаток сна ведет к повреждению ДНК и ракуThe researchers performed an analysis of blood taken from volunteers.

The results of a study conducted by researchers from the University of Hong Kong, suggests that lack of sleep can lead to DNA damage and increase the likelihood of developing cancer. The big publication of this study, devoted to the Daily Mail.

Researchers from Hong Kong were watching the group of doctors (49 people), half of which (24) was working the night shift. It turned out that working at night had a serious lack of sleep – in this schedule they managed to compensate in the day time when you had to do different things. As a result, in this subgroup, people sometimes slept two to four hours a day.

It was found that the participants suffering from lack of sleep, showed 30% more breaks in DNA compared to those who slept well. If this people continue to spend time in a sleepless night shifts, their damaged DNA worse restored, and this contributed to cell death.

Experts added that the lack of sleep usually pretty contemptuous of the young generation people. In this experiment also participated in healthy young doctors. At first glance, their body should easily endure the lack of sleep. But as you can see scientists, it is due to the lack of sleep just easily be damaged, able to transform into cancer years later.

“People in age of 18-60 years it is important to sleep at least 7 hours a day, but many do not fulfill this requirement,” noted the authors.


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