Kyiv topped the rating of the most affordable cities in Europe for tourists


Киев возглавил рейтинг самых бюджетных городов Европы для туристовThe cost of staying checked in 100 cities.

The German company Travelcircus found out how much it will cost weekend in 100 European cities. Top 10 headed the Ukrainian capital.

In Kiev, the cost of two nights in hotel “three stars” can be about 36 euros. Weekend for two will cost up to 250 euros.

Is for Kiev Krakow.Then the weekend will cost 250 euros. In comparison with Kiev, housing in this Polish city is more expensive, but the food is cheaper. It turns out to have dinner in one of the most beautiful cities in Poland is less than 5 euros.

And in the capital of Poland for overnight will have to pay 36 Euro per day, that is the Warsaw price similar to Kiev.

Belgrade rarely advise tourists because of low attendance. But if Poland and Ukraine during the day, need to pay 34 euros, there is a similar price you can pay for two nights.

Feature of Budapest is that you can dine up to 6 euros and drink a coffee and eat a cake for 3.5 euros.

For the stay in Riga for the weekend you will have to pay a little less than 300 euros for two.

Berlin in the year was visited by about 13 million tourists. Its main advantage – most of the museums are free.

In the TOP 10 in Hamburg in last place for budget travel, because to spend the weekend here costs about 335 euros, and it is actually 100 euros more expensive than in Kiev, who is the leader of the rating.


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