“Kulinichi”: social networks in delight from fresh Sedokova photos


Large the singer touched the audience with a new photo with her daughter Monica.

Anna Sedokova a lot of time on their kids, and still manages to Shine on stage and to conduct its business. This time the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” shared a sweet snapshot on Instagram, which it captured in the arms of the younger daughter Monica.

Signed artist family photo: “Love is when you’re crazy “without the” every second . Love is when cannot live without. Love is when you can’t natrahatsya, yalovitsa, nonimate. Love is when you look gopher, and she is a Goddess. Love is CHILDREN! MONICA and MAMUSYA”.

In just two hours a new photo Sedokova with her daughter gathered in the social network, more than 73 thousand likes and this is not the limit, because the followers were delighted with this picture.

Under the photo had a lot of similar comments: “What cute paws))”, “Kulinichi)”, “So touching!”, “Mother’s joy, obayashki))” and all the other reviews about Anna and Monica are written in the same spirit.


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