Kudrin unhinge for mouth state


Кудрин раззявил рот на госсобственность

The statement of the former Minister of Finance that sale of state property will provide a breakthrough of the Russian economy, in deliberaly times definitely would be treated as treason.

But today, the head of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin offers quietly offers to sell the state property of the country, as, in his opinion, the volume of the public sector became one of the brakes of the economy.

According to Kudrin it is quite normal to get from the privatization of 400-500 billion rubles per year in the next 6-7 years.

Since he believes that the scope of the public sector in the country has become one of the brakes of development of the economy, and therefore national wealth just need to trust the business, and bet Kudrin does mainly foreign companies, in the near future to make Russia the country with the “transparent borders”.

“In 2016, the government sold a number of shareholdings, including “Rosneft”, and received more than 1 trillion rubles per year. Now, we have a lot of years to live, receiving such investments, Kudrin said. – 10 years just about can do it to such income. I suggested 400-500 billion rubles per year to it would have been OK over the next 6-7 years.”

I wonder why Kudrin is silent about what will happen in 10 years? Do not know? Or just prefers to remain silent about what kind of hole we then salissa?

Кудрин раззявил рот на госсобственность

By the way, to achieve the “breakthrough of the Russian economy,” Alexei Kudrin proposes not only through the sale of shares of oil and gas companies, but also by raising the retirement age.

“According to our plan, within 6 years, we wish the pension was 30 percent more than today. It is difficult to gather the resources necessary reforms, including raising the retirement age, offers the ex-Minister of Finance. – Better for 2-3 years longer to work, but then to have a higher pension. Many retirees say they would have done it”.

Himself Kudrin to retire early is not going. He said people engaged in science or in the expert community, runs continuously and does not complete its activities nor at age 65 or later. And so he prepared for the President of the country strategy, which proposes to reduce the number of pension recipients. According to the Head of the CSR, the age of retirement should increase for women to 63 years and for men up to 65.

Excellent solution, do not say anything to equate myself involved in “science or expert community” to millions of hard-working people and until the current retirement age don’t always survive…

This is what savings will that be? Just a fairy tale.

Given the fact that the ex-Minister of Finance with the console repeatedly said that does not rule out returning to politics and now we are strenuously developing new programs for the implementation of this step, we can only pray that this fact did not become a reality.

Mind you us from such economic decisions, and all this kinky Kudrinskaya economy.


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