Kudrin: Entrepreneurship should be taught from school age


Кудрин: Предпринимательству надо учить со школьного возраста

The former Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, head of the Council of the Center for strategic research (CSR) Alexei Kudrin considers it appropriate to teach entrepreneurship in the school and to reduce to 14 the age at which to self-employment. Such opinion he expressed today at the Bottom of youth entrepreneurship in the framework of the Russian investment forum in Sochi.

“We need to teach entrepreneurship at school age. Need age of entrepreneurship to reduce. Today we have 16 years, maybe 14 years to resolve”, — TASS quoted Kudrin.

According to him, today in Russia only 4.3% of entrepreneurs of the employed population, while in the (other) BRICS countries (besides Russia is Brazil, India, China and South Africa — ed.) this figure is two times greater in developed countries — in 2,5 times more.

“Those who would like to start their own business, about 2% in developed markets this number goes up to 8-10%. If we have 2%, we will not expand the economy to new opportunities”, — said the head of the Board. The reasons for this situation, in his view, has been the lack of business education, the bureaucratic complexities and huge financial and legal risks.

Russian investment forum to be held in Sochi on February 15-16 with the participation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. This is the traditional venue for the presentation of investment and economic potential of the Russian Federation.



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