Kristen Stewart has disappointed fans with his outfit


A woman seldom bathes and wears clean clothes.

After the release of the sequel to “Twilight,” British actress suddenly became world famous. Kristen Stewart has signed several contracts with popular brands, and also became the official face of French fashion house “Chanel”.

However, with the development of a career, the Hollywood star has been actively experimenting on the image. However, it seems now Kristen finally tired of the image of a romantic girl. After all, the famous blonde is increasingly seen in public with unkempt hair, in shapeless pants and old sneakers.

That’s yesterday’s outfit Stewart has disappointed her fans. The actress caught during a walk in the fashionable district of Los Angeles. 28-year-old British woman wearing yellow top with horizontal stripes, black shorts, high socks brown finish and dark leather shoes with flat soles. Writes the eyewitnesses said that the star of movies looked unkempt. After all, the British had completely forgotten to wash my hair and do minimal styling. Besides Kristen proudly showed the elastic of underwear with the logo of the fashion house “Calvin Klein”. It is worth noting that white boxers women’s collections all the time slipped from under short shorts celebrity.

It is noteworthy that in recent years the Hollywood star rarely uses makeup, preferring to hide the face using sunglasses. However, some fans of the actress began for her. Fans believe that Stewart is tired of classic images of celebrities, so dressed as to the television debut. By the way, according to former housekeepers Kristen, the British don’t to worry not only about cleanliness but also hygiene. Because subordinates blondes regularly found cigarette butts, empty bottles of alcoholic drinks and personal care products in the most unexpected places apartment. In addition Stuart is not rarely misses a daily shower and wears one set of clothes for a long time.


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