“Kremlin report” USA is a threat, but not a shot


"Кремлевский доклад" США — это угроза, но не удар

About the list. It’s not sanctions, it’s more like “the last Chinese warning”. Or in other words, “you are all under the hood müller”. How many officials now sit and wonder what tomorrow will be their accounts and property?

It is the same in business (although it is, of course, much must be quoted, given the degree of unity with the government). When this criteria list is not obvious: for example, why Dmitry Mason or Gleb Fetisov, who were persecuted by the state? Oleg Tinkov and Mikhail Fedotov? The questions on the list a lot: written off by carpet bombing? With many people on the list I know and heard from them that they consider themselves to be “beyond politics”. Well, here’s a classic: the policy came after you. Morality is relevant not only for individuals on the list.

Now the main debate, tense nerve native Facebook — what are the practical conclusions from the list will follow. Some (for example, Yevgenia Albats) believe that the sentencing regime, others (Karina Orlova) — it’s just background information, who is who in the government and the Russian Forbes list. However, as usual, may be in the middle.

However, once again I need to emphasize that this is a threat, but not a shot. While the list of face only a couple of heart attacks in sensitive natures.

It is understood that once powered the list will not be: administration trump has already stated that it considers sufficient and the current sanctions. But now, the U.S. will begin a political game, trump will be pressed to the wall, this document will become a trump card in the hands of the opposition. He will everywhere be published and discussed with the obvious connotation — but it’s their life. And we will have another many of the list we can already give a bell, in the middle ages did with the lepers. And some of them are partners and no sanctions can distance themselves or at least to raise the price of cooperation is risk.

The practical conclusion for us: nothing good. Of course, can be “happy” for Sechin and other odious characters, but we all know what happens next: the nuclear bombing of Voronezh and massive compensation payments from the budget to the members of the cooperative “Lake”.


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