Kostin has declared a “war” of the West against Russia


Костин заявил о начале "войны" Запада против России

The recent actions of the US and its allies in Europe point to the escalation of the conflict between the West and Russia: is “a full-scale attack on Russia”, said the head of VTB Andrey Kostin at the Davos world economic forum. New US sanctions in February will signal a Declaration of war.

“This is a really full-scale attack on Russia, in the Russian society, with a lot of pressure on the economy. This is a very big economic war. I say seriously, and we take it very seriously,” said Kostin, the head of one of the largest commercial banks in the country.

The purpose of sanctions is weakening the country’s economy, provoking the discontent of the population, which should lead to a change of government.

“That’s what I think the West wants. I think they want to use sanctions to exert pressure on Russia, so Russia changed the government, the President, someone more suitable for them,” said Kostin in Davos, favorite place political and economic elite of the US and the EU.

Kostin, speaking in Davos, has warned about the growing threat of a military conflict in Europe. The United States in recent years began to enter Russia in the list of major threats to U.S. National security policy (National Defense Strategy).

Growing military presence of the US in Europe. “NATO needs more weapons and distributes a large number of weapons in Europe, Russia will retaliate,” warned Costin.

“Who knows what will happen in Syria or in the Baltic or Black sea, where you have American warships. The more weapons you have, the more reason to believe that could just happen by accident-flash”, – said Kostin.

In his opinion, the new US sanctions against Russia, if will be published in February, will signal a Declaration of war.

“I see no reasons why then the Russian Ambassador should stay in Washington or the American Ambassador will have to bathe in cold water in Moscow (Ambassador bathed in the hole in the celebration of Baptism – ed.)”, – said Kostin.

The end of “global warming”

Relations between Russia, the EU and the US were not always so tense.

The last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev declared an era of “warming” and friendship with the West, and the future of the Pro-Western reforms of the last Soviet leader led to the collapse of the state, growth of conflicts and corruption in the former Soviet republics.

The first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin has inherited a heavy legacy, but the West favored Yeltsin in exchange for the continuation of democratization and the destruction of the state and ideology, which had previously United the former citizens of the Union republics.

That all changed on 10 February 2007, when Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Munich conference on security policy, made the famous speech about the end of the unipolar world.

Since then, the increased importance of Russia in the international arena and Russia amid cautious of China was the only country that could oppose the United States. In January 2018, the military attache of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, major General Kui Anyway said that China and Russia should work together to resist pressure from the United States and its allies.


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