Kornilov: Donbass decides 100 years ago


Корнилов: Донбасс решает вопрос 100-летней давности

History tends to repeat itself. Confirmation of these words is the fact that the events of the civil war in Russia, which was a hundred years ago, largely repeat all that now survive of the Republic of Donbass, with only one difference: the current nationalists are far more cruel and despicable than those that were before.

This “Politnavigator” said well-known political analyst and political columnist for the international news Agency “Russia today” Vladimir Kornilov.

“Politnavigator»:Please tell us about your visit to the DNR.

Vladimir Kornilov: Well, first, I’m from Donetsk, came here to see mom and to talk with old friends. But also today celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic and I, as the author is still the only book on the LSC, I believe that such a significant date I’m supposed to be in Donetsk.

“Politnavigator»:The events surrounding the DNI and the LC is largely a repeat of what happened a hundred years ago during the civil war. What historical Parallels do you find the most striking?

Vladimir Kornilov: You know, I have heard from representatives of different ideological currents that when you read a book about events a century ago, one is struck by the similarity: it’s like reading today’s Newspapers. In principle, if you open the headers, look up quotes, to compare with the current and just replace the names, then, in fact, will see the same thing. Then we, the citizens of Donetsk, Kiev and Moscow, arguing about the same – about the Russian language and about their rights and the protection of Ukrainianization, about relations with Russia, stating that Donbass can not live in isolation from Russia.

Unfortunately, then all these disputes remained unsolved. The Bolsheviks decided that all disputes – only a Convention. All these arguments were put on the back burner, and now they stretch themselves like a spring. Today we are hostages of that pending issue

“Politnavigator” What, in your opinion, the current nationalists are different from those against which in the last century had to fight the defenders DKSR?

Vladimir Kornilov: One hundred years ago, Ukrainian nationalists, such as those that supported the UPR and the national Bolsheviks representing the USSR in the first place, fought against the creation of the Donetsk Republic and eventually won, they in the Kremlin insisted that it is necessary DKSR to merge with the Soviet Ukraine. Then the struggle was between the different branches as well now. Then the nationalists were playing a much smaller role, because it was in the train the German army. They are not “liberated” city, but just took them along with the Germans after 2 — 3 days.

The current nationalists, in contrast to those that really bombed the town with cannons, aircraft, artillery and so on. And the slogans, in fact, remained the same.



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