Korean scientists have come up with an effective way of cleaning the liver from toxins


Корейские ученые придумали эффективный способ очистки печени от токсиновProduct for protecting and cleansing the liver is a popular and quite affordable.

We are talking about asparagus, but Korean scientists recommend to consume not do shoots and leaves, which are just the same and contribute to the dissolution of toxic substances in the body and their timely removal.

In the Institute, Jeju has conducted medical research, one of which revealed a unique property of the leaves of asparagus. Scientists were able even to calculate, what quantity of harmful toxins are able to eliminate the substances included in the composition of the green leaves used for food.

As it turned out, 70% reduced level of toxic contamination of the body, if you eat asparagus and its leaves on a regular basis. It turns out that this product for the liver is a super-medicine, has cleansing and protective properties. Plus, empty of toxins the liver has the ability to regenerate and to continue to work for the benefit of human health.

Struggle with a hangover

As scientists have discovered the healing properties green leaf, you can come to the conclusion that this product is useful for those who regularly consume alcohol. After all, alcohol is man’s worst enemy, but first and foremost – the liver.

After trapped in the body dose of alcohol the liver starts to work several times harder than before, and does not have time to regenerate itself. Partly, a hangover occurs because the liver is not able to accept the entire set of poisons contained in the alcohol, and they spread throughout the bloodstream.

To help liver in such a difficult situation can eaten serving of asparagus, and even better – green leaves.

If you are going to spend time with alcohol, you’d better take care of your liver and prepare for themselves a portion of salad with fresh leaves SPAI or braise them with other vegetables and olive oil, which also has a positive effect on the liver.


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