Kirkorov revolted claim for the role of paratrooper


Киркорова возмутили претензии из-за роли десантника

Pop singer Filipp Kirkorov commented on the claims of representatives of the airborne forces who did not like his role of a marine in a Comedy show.

In an interview with TV channel “360” he said that he is an artist, who is invited to work. “Someone is playing killers, some policemen. I’m an actor. I was playing your role. And it’s a travesty not to serve in the airborne forces, and to himself, that to me this role is not,” explained the indignant man.

Askorbinata roller he called a people without a sense of humor and referred the claims to the authors of the movie. “I did not hear any threats. I continue to stay home with their children, we have continued to private mode, I can’t go anywhere” — said Kirkorov.

Philip starred in the movie about paratroopers as part of a sketch show for STS “In the Mask show”. The movie was condemned by the representatives of the airborne forces.


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