Kim Kardashian starred in an unusual photo shoot


The company Kim at the shooting amounted to her own clones.

Besides the fact that the 38-year-old popular American Kim Kardashian is a successful TV reality show and the mother of many children, celebrity has also partnered with many fashion brands, who often invited the star to shoot.

The other day a woman asked to participate in a photo shoot for the world of German fashion house of Carolina Lemke is engaged in manufacturing of glasses of the highest quality and durability. Unusual creative idea, the company of Kim at the shooting amounted to her own clones. Many are similar in appearance to the model girls dressed up and put on makeup just like Kim Kardashian: at the site it was impossible to distinguish where the original and the copy.

One of the photos Kim Kardashian and her clones dressed in black nylon stockings and black bra combined with large brown sunglasses, reminiscent of glasses skier. Way added straight flowing hair, laid on one side, and sudovym face-up.

Another photo of Kim with the girls, the clones wore black form-fitting diving suit with zipper front, adding a bow of bright red sunglasses, lipstick in the tone and the same hair as for the previous frame.


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