Kim Kardashian showed her grandfather


Karashian told about since childhood favorite styling

Love Kim Kardashian to outright outfits, controversial images and challenging the images had no effect on its family values. So, pride of place in her Instagram account, along with provocative posts always take numerous photos of children, sisters and other members of the famous dynasty.

Subscribers have long known: it’s worth it to travel somewhere at least for a couple of days, then it starts to miss the kids and writing a touching post about the love for them.

It is unknown where is the star, but the mood in her nostalgic again. A few hours ago, Kim has shared her baby picture. Photo little Kim sitting on the lap of his grandfather, Arthur Kardashian. A girl dressed in a blue checkered dress with patterns and a white collar, on her head, she flaunts a large white bow, and the hair arranged with the help of popular in those years Curling ripple.

“My grandfather and Arthur Kardashian. My mom always made me ripple! I still have those same tongs and I used them just recently,” she signed photos.

I must say that Kim is a little confused fans by saying the word “papa”, “Your Armenian grandfather”, “Grandpa you wanted to say”… But mostly attention was attracted by myself, Kimi and the coke she was cute. “What is pretty”, “You were always the most beautiful of the Kardashians”, “You look like an angel”, “Kim, you were such a cutie!”, “Simply amazing” – can’t stop followers Kim, for an hour, writing your the star of more than a thousand comments and leaving nearly 200,000 likes.


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