Kim Kardashian explained why so often puts racy photos


Famous model shared their views on life.

Recently, TV star Kim Kardashian was surprised by the tree. The celebrity posed Nude. Photo was taken by photographers, designers, Alash MERT and Marcus Pigott. However, not all the appearance of Kim Kardashian on the tree made an impression. So, it was criticized because of too a candid photo shoot.

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As a result, the TV star decided to respond to his haters on this occasion. According to her, she likes the way she looks.

“If I publish a photo that means I like it. I imagine it like. As for the last shot, which made so much noise, he is also very like me. I was glad to work with real professionals by MERT and Marcus,” said Kardashian.
She also added that these candid shots make it a positive emotions.

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“Then I feels a strong woman. Don’t see anything wrong with that. By the way, my pictures do not carry feminist overtones, as is commonly believed. I publish them for themselves,” said Kim.

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