Kebab is extremely dangerous even to smell, said biologists


Experts from China said that cooking meat on the coals can lead to the appearance in humans of mutations, and such effects are all the people standing around the grill, even if some of them won’t eat the kebab.

Шашлык смертельно опасно даже нюхать, заявили биологи


Experts note that in the preparation of barbecue are formed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which has been shown in some studies earlier, can cause genetic mutations that trigger deadly disease. According to experts, these substances are formed due to the fact that amino acids and sugars roasting meat drip onto the coals, where, under the influence of high temperature are subjected to various chemical reactions. After that, the hydrocarbons rise into the air with smoke and some of these substances accumulate on the barbecue. Researchers were interested in whether dangerous substances in the organism of people already at the stage of preparation of shish kebabs.

Specialists conducted an experiment in which volunteers were preparing the barbecue, and the researchers noted how far each of the participants is from the grill, what is he wearing and did he skewers.

As it turned out, a larger amount of harmful substances have entered the body by eating grilled meat, but experts suspect that when the skin comes into contact with these substances could be more harmful.

It is argued that even the long sleeves not too protects against polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons moreover, after the clothes have absorbed the harmful substances from the smoke, they have more time to through the clothing to soak in the skin. According to scientists, people who cook barbecue all the time — for example, due to their professional activities — must carry a change of clothes and wear it immediately after cooking meat.

According to British tabloid the Daily mail, the results of the study were published in the scientific publication Environmental Science & Technology.


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