Keanu Reeves is excited about the appearance


Hollywood actor appeared in public with a beard and a Mohawk.

Famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, who recently surprised fans with his act, again sprang a surprise by appearing in a bizarre manner – with a Mohawk and a long bushy beard, according to the with reference for Today.

It is worth noting that fans of Keanu Reeves in complete disarray. After all, posted on Twitter shots of the actor simply does not know – unusual for celebrity hairstyle, bare stomach and a thick beard. At first glance you might think that Keanu has launched itself, and ceased to care.

But it was a lot easier – shots were taken on the set continue the sci-Fi Comedy “the Incredible adventures of bill and Ted”.

Earlier, Keanu Reeves spoke about his personal life and admitted, whether occupied his heart. The star of the movie “John Wick” told in an interview that will be happy to share warm feelings with a loved one, as it happens their meeting.

So, according to Keanu, he is currently single. “You ask about romance? I’m a single man. I have none, but if there are, then I will respect and love this man. I hope in my lifetime it would happen,” admitted Hollywood actor.


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