Katya Osadchaya stand out in a fashionable dress-shirt


Leading tried on the stylish striped dress.

Clothing striped was exclusively a summer option garments. Moreover, the strip for that season in a row occupies the first place among the major fashion trends of this summer.

Stylish dress shirt in stripes tried on Katya Osadchaya during your holidays in Greece. Your post, the TV presenter commented:

“No day without new information 🙂 Evzones – the presidential honor guard, have the guard at the Parliament in Athens.

Outfit of the guys is another story, any time of the year, even in the heat of the lute they are dressed in long woolen socks, woolen skirt with four hundred of folds (each fold symbolizes a one-year Ottoman yoke) and two pairs of shoes for five pounds each in them for 160 nails to effectively minted steps and bambona a few pounds, earlier in bamban hid the knife. And in all this an hour in the heat. “


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