Katya Osadchaya showed looked like 18 years ago


Popular TV presenter has shared a photo of distant youth.

Katya Osadchaya put in the Instagram photo of the 18-year-old, having signed it thus: “Meni 16, things only prichala in Paris prichala s mom, ale two teen mom pahala, and I salicilata pracowali I scitica life without batkiv. I know exactly what profesa model zaharovu for all life.
I tsusa scho troch its dosub zmogu peredati Pershyi in Ukraine plus size models!”.

This photo appreciated nearly 29 thousand users of the social network. Many of the enthusiastic followers of the stars of Ukrainian television could not resist and texted her a bunch of compliments in the comments.

Subscribers Katya Osadchaya said that 18 years ago have left their mark on its appearance and now hardly someone will tell that the TV presenter is already over 30 and a mom of two sons.


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