Katya Osadchaya has experienced anti-aging facial injections


Leading admitted that it was her first experience of such procedures.

Ukrainian TV presenter spoke about the injections and furthermore admitted that she resorted to anti-aging treatments.

Osadchaya published in the personal blog of Instagram photos, which wrote that as if she did not reject different kinds of manipulations and procedures which include injections, after 30 it just became inevitable and very necessary to maintain youth and freshness.

And the profession requires her to always be in great shape, and the face is her calling card into the world of television. Leading already quite competent in this matter and decided that for her fans, this information will also be useful.

Of course, in the Wake of such a provocative post was followed by criticism and disagreement between fans.

Many welcome such procedures and are convinced that it is easier to make prevention, thus to delay the aging process for a while, than to suffer from its imperfections and dissatisfaction.

Detractors, in turn, tried to breed negativity in the film, expressing his discontent and forcing the situation among the fans of the star. But followers quickly calmed the negatives, asking to hold their opinions to themselves.


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