Katya Osadchaya boasted the vacation photos from Africa


The TV presenter has flown to Africa with her husband.

Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov still not spread in Instagram combines pictures, so their fans have to guess, together they at the moment or not.

As Gorbunov shared the photograph, taken in “summer” and in front of him did the same Osadchaya, their followers agreed that the couple presenters resting together.

Katya and Yuri mentioned geolocation “Africa”, hence the conclusions of the subscribers as to the place to stay that was picked up this time the leading show “Golos Krainy”.

The followers of the star family has only one question – did they have a son. Last time Katya Osadchaya after the home admitted that little Vanya flew with mom and dad, and not left to grandparents or nannies in Ukraine.


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