Katya Barnabas ventured to take a selfie without makeup


The ex-host of the show “Hto zverhu?” posted a tender photo.

Katya Barnabas often accused of plastic surgery on her face, and today she has a chance to share a selfie in the style of “natyurel”, which depicted at least in the blue lenses, but without makeup.

In the caption to his photo Barnabas said that during the trip had lost her Luggage one airlines. As for evil, in the bag was all makeup presenter, in fact, this can explain the fact that it appeared in front of followers on Instagram without makeup.

More than 70.5 thousand users of a social network like make-up free Kate Barnabas, and in the comments of the subscribers were divided: one body-the star liked it for what it is, others may not and they believe she used to be prettier.


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