Kanye West complained about threats from colleagues


According to the artist, Drake was going to harm him.

Rapper Drake began to threaten his colleague Kanye West because he allegedly disseminates data on the illegitimate son of the artist, which he bore his mistress is a porn star. Before these rappers had a falling out over the song, written by one of them.

The conflict in connection with the copyrights of the song as well as the advancement of the world through the fault of the West, another son led to the fact that Drake promised to put wife Kim Kardashian “physical harm”.

In the scandal of the two performers included Ariana Grande, offered under the posts West’s Twitter fans to hear her new track, which was negatively met by the rapper. He told the singer that with love and respect for her, but asks you not to use the situation to advertise their own creativity.

Later, West said, amid a quarrel with Drake, his health worsened. Now he is unable to communicate with journalists who are careful to inquire about his health. Taking any medication the actor is not willing, fearing that it will affect his music.


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