Kaliningrad came into sight of US aircraft carriers


Калининград попал в прицел авианосцев США

American aircraft carriers class “Nimitz” and “Ford” is too cumbersome to perform tasks in the Baltic sea and will be vulnerable when approaching Kaliningrad, writes the American magazine the National Interest. The American aircraft carriers — limited capacity on the proposed European theater of operations. A special threat for them to provide anti-submarine cruise missiles based both on shore and at sea.

In addition, Russia offers antiship missiles P-800 “Onyx”, capable of hitting at any target from Kaliningrad to the Swedish coast. According to the magazine, the range of the “Onyx” that runs with the export version of the coastal missile complex “Bastion” — about 300 kilometers. The domestic version of “Bastion” launches missiles at a distance of about 600 kilometers, so a large part of the Baltic sea can be attacked with coastal guns Russia.

Despite the fact that some Russian ships in the Baltic fleet had become obsolete, they have powerful anti-submarine weapon, the newspaper notes. In addition, the Kaliningrad oblast has and other means, including the air defense (s-300 and s-400), which also would represent a danger for the United States in the event of a conflict.

That American carriers will turn into a convenient target in the Baltic shallow water known to any more or less dedicated to the topic specialists. And fighting ability of the Russian anti-ship complexes at the Baltic sea is well known. So what was the purpose of this publication?

In General we can agree with the conclusions of the American experts — Kaliningrad in the military sense of the sea is covered securely, says military expert Alexei Leonov. — Of course, Americans well before it is sure that their aircraft carriers to launch in the Baltic sea is risky and pointless.

The meaning of this publication, I see what it is. Before the recent session of NATO, the Americans took the initiative to create group of fast reaction in the Baltic sea, which should consist of ships of the European countries participating in NATO. It is about thirty ships and as many aircraft.

So, in order to spur European satellites to the creation of this group, the Americans, apparently, decided that it was necessary, on the one hand, to recall the military power of Russia and on the other, say that, say, American carriers are powerless here. European NATO members are not particularly eager to increase spending on the military budget and to quarrel with Russia. On the contrary, they are interested in normalization of economic cooperation with us. And to the Europeans was scared, the Americans say, if anything, carriers to help will not come. Let us, therefore, do not press, build their ships, in which case that will stand up to Russia in the Baltic. Oh, and we somehow from the Atlantic you will support.

“SP”: — This group, if established, will greatly change the balance of forces in the Baltic?

— Of course, the creation of so many groups will have an impact on the balance of power in the region. Although it is not clear what class of ships the Americans propose to build or buy Europeans. If the system will include all 30 ships, according to the number of pennants the combined NATO fleet, of course, will surpass the Baltic fleet of the Russian Navy. However, Russia recently relies on asymmetric responses. We prefer to fight not quantity, but quality. A good example of this is Syria.

In the Baltic we can continue to strengthen the already existing defense effective defensive systems. And I think that the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin that Russia could respond to any aggression, and has a fairly significant military-technical rationale.

“SP”: — will all the Americans to persuade the Europeans to ensure that the mentioned group of ships and combat aircraft was created?

— See, recently, at the St. Petersburg economic forum by the representatives of Germany and France tried hard to find common ground with Russia. Old Europe, I repeat, do not need new military spending. Many EU countries and put the interest of their budget on the maintenance of NATO do not want to pay. The Americans also put the question of raising fees for the Alliance to 4% for the European countries participating in the block. In the United States is trying in every way to prevent all pretensions of the EU to create its own armed forces of the United Europe.

Europeans have little faith that Russia is a military threat. And the proof that between Russia and NATO continued to operate in the open skies Treaty. Under this agreement, the reconnaissance aircraft can fly over the territory of Russia and over the territory of the countries of the Alliance. Still there was not a single fact, that Russia directly or indirectly is preparing for a global war. Such facts are not revealed on the territory of the EU. With regard to the concerns of the Ministry of defense of Russian troop movements NATO near our borders, it is quite justified. As the tension grows, and in such a situation much more likely some non-standard situations that can provoke even a global nuclear conflict.

— It should be noted that in connection with the increased activity of NATO in Europe, the creation of a missile defense system, Russia already has deployed to the Baltic sea two warships from the Black sea, — says military expert and publicist Alexander Shirokorad. — Missiles “Caliber”, which are equipped with these and other ships of the Baltic fleet can not only destroy naval targets, and ground. Simply put, nearby to all major cities in Europe.

Those NATO troops that are still in the Baltic region, it is unable even to block the Kaliningrad oblast from the sea. Carriers, if you go to the Baltic sea, will become a target. Of course, they can strike, say, on the North coast of France. However, this will mean the beginning of global war in which the West is unlikely. As for local conflicts, the forces of NATO in Europe is clearly insufficient.

The most risky to us that can make US and NATO — to break a land corridor between Kaliningrad and Belarus (the Union state of Russia and Belarus). Such a scenario has been repeatedly studied, and Lithuania even threatened to do so in response to the reduction of transit of goods from Russia. In response, if the political will of the government, Russia will break through this hallway very quickly.


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