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Named effects of excess vitamin C | HRONIKA.info

21.10.201921.10.20190 Risks of taking vitamin.Swedish researchers from Karolinska University have warned that self-medicating with vitamins is extremely risky.About the benefits of vitamin C known even to schoolchildren, but as you were able to see scientists in Sweden, take it at your own discretion...

The doctors said, it is better not to drink milk | HRONIKA.info

21.10.201921.10.20190 When the product injurious to health.Milk may be useful as a source of calcium and vitamins. But also its use can harm health. That in some cases this product has a negative impact on the body, said scientists.Experts analyzed the properties of...

The scientists said, who needs to drink sparkling wine | HRONIKA.info

21.10.201921.10.20190 For dealing with stress, women are useful every day to make sparkling wine.So say researchers at the Institute for research of food products in Madrid.According to them, the category of sparkling wine should be considered and champagne, the use of which protects...