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The winners of the beauty pageants in real life. Photo

These girls are beautiful even with no makeup.Beauty contests have long taken their place in our culture. Hundreds of beauty contests, from local contests bikini to the international broadcast around the world, is held every year, and thousands of women take part in...

Named the main reason for the differences in the duration of life of women and men

As a rule, women live longer.The new study, researchers have shown why men die before women.Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco determined that increased lifespan can be associated with the presence of a second X chromosome, which is present in...

Kim Kardashian was photographed, wrapped in cloth

From this fabric will be sewn holiday clothes celebrities.38-year-old reality TV star Kim Kardashian gave a fan a peek behind the preparation of the festive outfit.Kim Kardashian a long time did not indulge fans of the self, however, regularly publishes in Instagram pictures...