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Porsche invested in Croatian manufacturer of auto

The company specializiruetsya on electric vehicles.Porsche has acquired a minority stake to ten per cent in the technology and automotive company Rimac Automobili.Croatian company engaged in the development and production of components for electric vehicles and manufactures electric supersportscar. On the background of...

The expert gave the main advice for helping a good night’s sleep

An important rule is to always follow the regime.Professional sleep, the doctor of medical Sciences from the University of Sydney Carmel Harrington told why even after eight hours of sleep a feel tired and sleepy.According to her, the main mistake of those who...

In Hawaii, incidents of cracking of the Earth

The crack has been impressive.According to the people remaining on the island, every day the number of cracks in the ground increases. Moreover, existing cracks increase in size. The cracks are parallel to each other, the width of some exceeding a hundred feet.During...