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The head of the German Parliament made an interesting defense initiative

Proposes the creation of a common army of the European Union.The head of the German Parliament, Wolfgang Schaeuble said that European Union countries should intensify military and political cooperation even though the threat of globalization."In my personal opinion, we need a European army....

Doctors told why a stroke occurs

Named unexpected factors of having another attack.Scientists from the Karolinska Institute in the course of analyzing the health status of a group of people who survived a heart attack have identified some factors that affect re-attack. As it turned out, the divorce and...

Leonardo DiCaprio and brad pitt star in the movie of cult Director

The actors are satisfied with the cooperation.Famous film Director Quentin Tarantino, in conjunction with Leonardo DiCaprio in the framework of CinemaCon 2018 spoke about the shooting of his new movie "Once in Hollywood".The actor first told how he worked with brad pitt. The...