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49-year-old j-Lo was impressed by inflated body

The singer surprised a powerful bicep.49-year-old American singer, actress and record producer Jennifer Lopez, known for his passion for the sport and a healthy lifestyle, demonstrated the results of their intensive training.This time Jennifer showed beefy hands, bright posting a photo on his page...

Named tested folk remedy for colds

Quickly eliminate a sinus infection and destroy the virus will help you this way.Sinusitis is an inflammation of the air cavities located on the forehead, on both sides of the nose, which is associated with infections, viruses and allergies.It usually causes obstruction of the...

Case iPhone XS and XS Max is very fragile and can not withstand drops

The iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max broke down on a concrete floor from a height of 1.8 meters.At the presentation Apple Tim cook insisted that the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Max are the most durable glass smartphones in the entire range. To verify...