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It became known, what will be the heavy duty engine for the Aston Martin Valkyrie

This car will cost fans dearly.The British have a few months of intriguing new luxury car the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The latest information from the automaker has confirmed the rumors: the car will be powered by a atmospheric engine capacity of 1000 HPDeveloped in...

Space medicine astronauts will print artificial skin

Astronauts will need more advanced technology for long travel.The astronauts of the lunar mission "Apollo" made its 12-day flight with a modest first-aid kit, which was just bandages, antibiotics and aspirin. Future space travelers, who will conduct away from Land for months or even...

Ukrainian singer was surprised by the outfit in pajama style

The artist presented his new album.Yesterday in the Palace "Ukraine" Sergey Babkin presented its new album "Musafer".Listen to new creations of the artist gathered a room full of his loyal fans.Especially glad the audience greeted long-time favorite of her compositions: "De bee I", "Hto...