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These products may be infected with helminths

The larvae of the parasite live not only in raw fish.Many people try to avoid Japanese dishes, including sushi, because I'm afraid to get worms, which may be pieces of raw fish. But in fact, the risk of catching intestinal parasites is high and...

Beauty in rare photographs of the last century. Photo

They have their own charm. Women, the concept of beauty is individual, and over time the already well-established canons of beauty are constantly changing — today, everyone likes one type, and tomorrow absolutely another. In view of these circumstances we, the contemporary people, always...

Protests in Armenia: the leader of the opposition agreed to talks

The leader of the opposition is ready to negotiate with the government. "The first stage of negotiations with the President failed. We Express our readiness to continue negotiations, but only on our agenda (the departure of the representatives of the current government policy, the...