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In London held a March demanding a referendum on the agreement on Brexit

It is expected that the March will come about 100 thousand peopleThousands of demonstrators on Saturday gathered for a "March for the future" in Central London, to call a second referendum on the final agreement on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit).The demonstrators...

The doctors told us about the benefits of different Beers

Who needs to drink dark beer, and who soft.Usually, when it comes to alcohol use, their best quality is exalted by the red wine. But beer, as the findings of scientific research can also improve the condition and functions of the body.In particular, scholars...

Experts checked “in” vehicles-drones

70% of drivers think that car already sold-drones.According to official data, more than 70% of drivers believe that now sells cars-drones. EuroNCAP decided to test the cars that have automatic system of driving.Experts EuroNCAP have come to the conclusion that there is no car...