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In Russia managed to photograph Fata Morgana

This optical illusion occurs very rarely.In the Internet appeared some photos taken near Yamburg oil and gas condensate field on the Tazov Peninsula.The photos show mysterious buildings: apartment buildings of the Soviet era. On the territory of any settlement can not be, so...

Creepy “city of the dead” in North Ossetia. Photo

Here are buried thousands of people.Says Sergey Mukhamedov: "the Only way. Serpentine and sparsely populated area. Fortunately, not tonight. For many centuries the ancient curse successfully dealt with the protection of this place."Even now, suddenly dead batteries, camera failures, and upset stomach are...

The doctors explained why you should drink kefir

This fermented drink is good for health.The first thing the yogurt well affects the condition of the intestines. So, it helps to restore the balance of beneficial bacteria of the intestinal microflora. Also, this drink helps to strengthen bone tissue.This is achieved through...