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Named the best product for the brain

Scientists from English University of reading said, the better to feed the children before exams, to enhance the efficiency of the brain.The researchers named the blueberry the best product that can improve brain activity for a short period of time. Their report published in...

Mysterious Greenland in the rays of the polar sun. Photo

Pictures were taken in summer when the Sun barely sinks below the horizon.Photographer Andre Terraces Alexandre (Alexandre André Terras) filmed in Greenland, a series of landscapes, which received the name "Polar day" ("Midnight Sun").The photos, which depicted the beautiful green valleys, icebergs, glaciers, and...

On Mars discovered the unusual prints

A group of scientists from Hungary have found the "fingerprints" of microbes, which remain on the surface of Mars.A group of Hungarian scientists believe that microorganisms leave their traces on the solid rocks of Mars. Now they are engaged in detailed analysis of the...