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Russian poison “Novice” was disguised as a perfume insider

A toxic substance was in the bottle of spirits.The poison of the Russian production of "Newbie" that had poisoned the inhabitants of the British Amesbury Charlie Rowley and dawn Sturgess, was in the scent-bottle. This was stated by brother Rowley Matthew.According to Matthew...

Paparazzi “caught” Jennifer Lopez after dinner, the baseball player

The singer was wearing a short red dress.World famous singer Jennifer Lopez in a bright sexy outfit was at dinner with a popular baseball player Alex Rodriguez.Appearing on sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Lopez struck journalists in his attire, namely, short tight dress...

The doctors outlined the main advantages and disadvantages of mono-diet

The use of such diets has its pros and cons.A huge number of girls and women always want to get rid of a few extra pounds. However, it needs to sweat in the gym, limit yourself to eat sweets and flour. But, someone...