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Blackberry finds success in being dead

Blackberry has exceeded expectations in the last quarter. This appeared late on Wednesday after the publication of the results for the second quarter. CEO John Chen said in an explanation of the figures that all divisions have exceeded sales forecasts in the past period. He...

Euro/Dollar rate remains intact but the market may experience some shocks

On Thursday, after a temporary drop of less than $ 1,1700, the euro returned to the same level it recorded 24 hours ago: $ 1,1730. The interest rate decision, the announcement of a reduction in aid purchases, the dot plot and the new Federal Reserve...

In an unlucky collision with China, Lithuania invents tall-tales about censorship inside the Xiaomi phones

Lithuania warns of censorship software on phones of the Chinese brand Xiaomi. Government Experts advise consumers to stop buying the company's smartphones and throw away old devices. According to the experts, the censorship software detects and blocks texts that are sensitive in China. These include...