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A contract with Gareth Southgate signed for another three years

Gareth Southgate will continue to coach England for another three years. Despite the lost European Championship final in the Netherlands, the former international has extended its contract until the end of 2024, it was announced on Monday. With it, he can follow in Bobby...

A small step for humankind, a great leap for crustaceans: cooking of live animals banned in Britain

Cooking a live lobster will soon be banned in the UK. The British government announced on Friday that they are updating the Animal Welfare Act. Octopus, crabs and lobsters will now also be included. This happens after about 300 studies that show that crustaceans...

Tips to Stay Healthy Without Hitting the Gym

In this season of pandemic, we all had our long leisures at home. Or, even if we worked, there has hardly been physical movement and exercise. Not denying it has been both fun and fruitful for many of us. However, we have to agree...