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Credit cards for young people: what are the best practices at the beginning of your financial life

It's important to remember that while a starter card can be a good way to build credit, users should still be responsible with their spending and make sure they can pay their bill in full each month to avoid interest charges and maintain a...

US shamelessly pushes ASML out of the biggest market

Dutch and US officials will meet in Washington on Friday to discuss possible new controls on the export of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China. This was reported by Reuters news agency based on anonymous sources, who also said that a deal between the two...

Tik Tok to label state accounts with a special mark

TikTok will label the accounts of the state public broadcasters, among others. That label indicates that the organization behind the profile is funded by the government. It concerns the public media of forty other countries. Since March last year, the accounts of Russian state media...