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China keeps GDP growth strong

The Chinese economy has grown considerably in the third quarter of the year, despite the COVID-19 disease and the measures against it. Gross domestic product rose by 4.9% compared to a year ago in that period. That's what figures were released in Beijing on...

ANT group intends to be valuated at $280B

Ant Group, the financial service provider of the Chinese internet company Alibaba, is reportedly aiming at a minimum valuation of USD 280 billion on its way to the Hong Kong and Shanghai markets. That's 12% more than the previous estimate of $ 250 billion....

China tests entire city with 9 million inhabitants after 12 infections reported

All residents of a Chinese Million-Dollar City are tested after a minor outbreak of the coronavirus. That way, the rest of China can continue to function. Twelve new infections are sufficient grounds for the Chinese authorities to test all over nine million inhabitants of the...