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Thai Ministry of Finance grants Gulf Binance a license

Gulf Binance Co., Ltd, ("Gulf Binance"), has been granted a licence to operate digital assets by the Thai Ministry of Finance through the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") in Thailand. Gulf Binance is a joint venture between Binance and Gulf Innova Co. ("Gulf") following...

Volt Typhoon hackers have infiltrated critical US infrastructure

According to the United States, some of its Western allies and software company Microsoft, Chinese-backed hackers have infiltrated critical US infrastructure networks. They also warn that similar activities could take place worldwide. According to Microsoft, the hackers, also known as Volt Typhoon, have been active...

Elections in Thailand: stalemate and months of absence of a government

Thailand's two main opposition parties, which won widely in Sunday's election and defeated parties backed by the powerful military, are trying to put together a governing coalition with enough votes to install a pro-democracy Prime Minister. Their battle can last for weeks or months and...