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In the Georgian language, changed the name of Lithuania

Georgia has taken this step as a response to friendly actions.Georgia decided to use the authentic name of Lithuania - Lietuva (Lietuva). Formally, the corresponding decision was initiated by the Department of the state language of Georgia.At the same time, this move was...

Became known release date of the sequel to “the Shining”

The sequel of the film will be released in January 2020.Based on the novel by Stephen king "Doctor Sleep" which is a sequel to "the Shining", will be released on 24 January 2020.We will remind, the production of the film deals with Studio...

Named important reason for regular consumption of fish

Fish increases life expectancy.Eating fish twice a week prolongs the life of man, — this was stated by scientists from the United States, representing Harvard University.New findings by Harvard researchers confirmed the recommendations of the American heart Association, which strongly advises to eat...