“Kalashnikov summed”: the national team of Russia on biathlon set record at the world Cup


"Калашников подвел": сборная РФ по биатлону установила антирекорд на Кубке мира

The Norwegians won the men’s relay 4×7.5 km during the second stage of the biathlon world Cup in Hochfilzen.

The second were the Germans, closed the three of prize-winners the French.

Russians Maxim Tsvetkov, Matvey Eliseev, Anton Babikov and Anton Shipulin took eighth place. It is the worst performance of the Russian team in the entire history of KM.

Eliseev have had serious problems with the rifle produced by Kalashnikov concern. During the “rack” on the second leg, the Russians stuck in the trunk cartridge.

Eliseev had several times with his fist to hit the weapons and then call the judge and ask for another cartridge. In the end, he lost more than two minutes and almost all the rivals went ahead.

In front of the fans already apologized to his colleague Flowers. “I would like to apologize to the fans and the team. Lost stage. The wind is no excuse, other shoot to zero. Has not coped with the shooting. Saw that the guys went to the penalty loop, but someone was. I was not able to cope, psychologically drove himself on this occasion”, — said Maxim.

Meanwhile the Russians in the relay 4×6 km came in fourth. Won German women, silver medals were won by Ukrainian, and bronze — a Frenchwoman.

The drama of the situation with the men’s national team on biathlon in that the setback suffered on the IOC decision to dismiss Russia from the Olympics in 2018 in Pyeongchang because of a doping scandal. Athletes from Russia will be able to speak only under a neutral flag, and teams of skiers and snowboarders have already decided to go.


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