Kaczynski spoke about the enemies of Poland


Качиньский рассказал о врагах ПольшиAccording to him, the Polish people have to confront anti-Semitism.

The leader of the ruling Polish party Jaroslaw Kaczynski says that the enemies of Poland fomenting his country’s anti-Semitism. According to him, the poles should protect the truth about the events of the Second world war.

The relevant words are quoted by TVN24.

“Today the enemies of Poland – one might even say the devil is experiencing a very bad recipe, serious illness of the soul and the mind, this disease of anti-Semitism”, says the politician.

“We have to be decisive, we need to be tough, we must defend the truth about what happened in Poland during the Second world war. But the truth should always be protected with the eternal memory of the words of St. Paul – overcome evil with good”, – said the head of “Law and justice”.


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