Justin Timberlake pleased a photo with his son


Continue vacation 37-year-old Justin Timberlake and 36-year-old Jessica Biel in Paris.

A few days ago, the singer shared on Instagram a romantic image in the background of the Eiffel tower, but his current photo on the social network reported that it came to France not only a wife but a son.

Timberlake shared a touching picture, which Gets kisses their three year old son Silas.

If the photo is written “City of love”, I’m… – has signed the tender loving father and husband.

The parents do not show Silas face closeup this time the boy’s from the side so you see his long curly hair.

Many on the net said that the hair Silas became like my mother. However, from the nature of curly hair, and the father of the child.

During the filming Justin in the TV show “Mickey mouse Club” (Mickey Mouse Club) and performances with the group ’N Sync thick curls Timberlake was inseparable from his image.

As a solo artist, he abandoned them in favor of short haircuts.


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