Justin Stebbing’s tips on the practical use of flowers


In addition to the aesthetic function, which positively affects the psychological and emotional state of a person, indoor flowers have many useful properties, says Justin Stebbing. Born in 1980, Justin Stebbing however, has 20 years of experience as a florist. The author of the training programs “Green friends” and “Breathe with flowers” gives a number of tips on how the selection of home plants can dramatically increase the level of comfort in the room.

Live humidifier and antiseptic

Instead of buying an expensive humidifier in an apartment, get a few Nephrolepis, they are also called “Boston ferns”, advises Justin Stebbing. These plants act as natural humidifiers, eliminating air pollution and neutralizing the effects of formaldehydes, carbon monoxide and other harmful fumes. A very useful property of the fern – its undemanding to light, so the plant is suitable for a dark apartment, emphasizes Justin Stebbing.

If you suffer from allergies to house dust, get a few Chlorophytum, says Justin Stebbing. Chlorophytum can destroy up to 90% of the toxins in a room in just two days. Moreover, the more polluted the air, the more actively the “spider” grows.

Justin Stebbing about home plants for comfort in the room

In the same row is English ivy, it ranks first in the list of NASA plants that purify the air from harmful pollutants. It is especially good to have at home for people with asthma, says Justin Stebbing.

Dracaena effectively purifies the air from benzene that enters the room with exhaust gases or released by linoleum, so dracaena is an ideal choice for the office.

It is desirable to have flowerpots with geraniums in the living room and bedrooms. It absorbs dampness, carbon monoxide, destroys staphylococci and streptococci, and cleans the room from stale air. This flower produces active phytoncides that have a beneficial effect on the owner’s nervous system in stressful situations, normalize high blood pressure, advises Justin Stebbing.

Pharmacy in a flowerpot

If your eyes are irritated and tired from a few hours spent at the computer, all you need to do is look at the Potos plant, advises Justin Stebbing. As many believe this flower prevents the development of glaucoma and cataracts.

Scientists have confirmed that the aroma of geranium can relieve headaches, relieve fatigue, ease internal tension, soothe and relieve insomnia.

Phytoncides of many indoor plants have pronounced bactericidal properties, explains Justin Stebbing. Therefore, it is possible to choose essential oil plants that not only purify the air in an indoor environment, but also fill the air with an invigorating aroma.

Justin Stebbing gave a number of general tips. Do you suffer from a lack of appetite and a decline in strength? Get plants with red leaves and put them in the bathroom, so that, looking at them, you feel a charge of cheerfulness and a surge of strength in the morning.

Justin Stebbing about flowers in your home for medicine

Plants with bright leaves stimulate the imagination, so the next time you experience a creative crisis take a closer look at their complex texture and unusual color.

Observations prove, says Justin Stebbing, that the presence of indoor plants in classrooms or offices increases mindfulness by as much as 70%!

“Home plants are a unique opportunity to choose a combination that will give you additional strength, reduce stress, and make your life more comfortable. The very process of caring for indoor flowers, when you water them, loosen the soil, wipe the leaves from the dust, calms and relieves tension. An experienced florist will tell you which plants will suit you and your lifestyle”, says Justin Stebbing.


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