Justin Bieber openly spoke about his depression


25-year-old Justin Bieber admitted that fame has affected his psychological state.

Pop singer Justin Bieber finally got rid of the doldrums and actively preparing with Hailey Baldwin for the wedding. Before the ceremony he decided to explain to supporters that he had to endure.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to 24tv.ua.

The official Instagram page artist posted the statement, which was struck by the candor.

“I went from being a 13-year-old boy from a small town to the world famous artist. At 18 I had no concept of life in the real world, however, I had millions of dollars and access to everything I wanted. It’s not the most pleasant of circumstances for everyone. At 19, I began to use heavy drugs, became angry, resentful, and disrespectful to women. I drifted away from all who loved me, and felt that can never change,” said Justin Bieber.

At one point the actor realized that is suffering from depression. Then, confident Justin Bieber avoided the public exit and never left his estate. Suicidal thoughts forced him to seek help from doctors. However, the meeting with Hailey Baldwin radically changed his life.

Up to 20 years, I took the worst solution you could think of and went from adoration to universal hatred and condemnation. It took me years to build relationships with loved ones and to change their habits. Fortunately, God has blessed me and rewarded by people who love me for who I am,
– said Justin Bieber.


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