Justin Bieber has fallen out of favor with Hollywood landlords


The singer got to “black list” of Hollywood homeowners

Justin Bieber will not be able to settle in a prestigious area of Beverly hills in the near future.

As told to Page Six source, he fell out of favor of the landlords in this prestigious area of West Hollywood, thanks to its reputation. Locals not only don’t want to take him to their homes, but do not want to be in the neighborhood with the controversial musician. They all got together and decided not to agree to any generous offers of a celebrity.

“Justin offers up to 100 thousand dollars for housing, which is not worth half this money but without success, – said the insider. – He is forced to take a Suite at the hotel, and all guests go to see him when he eats Breakfast in a tracksuit.

In 2015, Justin Bieber sued by his former neighbor for a slap in the face, abusive language, noisy parties and other antics of the ugly. In the same year Bieber was the last time he rented a house in Beverly hills: it is a short time lived in a glass house, which attracted unwanted attention, and also suffered during a party thrown by friends of the musician.


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