Justin Bieber complained of health problems


The actor made the Frank admission in an interview with Vogue.

The famous American singer Justin Bieber in a recent interview with Vogue has made an unexpected confession during a private tour, which, by the way, the actor finished before the appointed time, he struggled with depression.

Moreover, Justin noted that still “works for many things.”

“I was very depressed on tour. I’m not talking about it, and I still a lot of work, don’t talk about it. I was all alone. I needed time,” explained the singer.

In addition, sources close to the entourage of the artist, in an interview with People said that Justin really cured from depression. “It’s not for Haley – he’s a very happy marriage with her. It’s just something he struggles mentally. He receives good care and treatment. He is sure that he will soon feel better.”

A second source said that his fame in his childhood affected his mental health in the future.

“He started out as the typical cute canadian teen. He was such a great kid, very nice, very polite and kind to all around. Thank completely changed him. He had access to everything and he was surrounded by people who just say “Yes”. Especially watching him with his fans, they’re watching his every move, his face constantly camera – it’s hard for Justin”.


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