“Just like Kendall”: Kim Kardashian compared her grandmother with her sister


The star showed off looked like her grandmother in her wedding dress.

Star Instagram Kim Kardashian published a picture of her grandmother with her wedding.

She showed photos and told the sad story of the marriage itself.

“I just found this photo of my beautiful grandmother on her first wedding. The marriage lasted only 2.5 months, and her family spent everything they had at this wedding. She was so sick, but she followed her heart,” wrote Kardashian.

She admitted that grandmother taught her to follow her heart and do what you want, no matter what.

“Kendall looks just like MJ !!!”, she added and thereby caused another controversy among subscribers.

Fans in the comments were supportive of Kim, noting that they also believe that we need to do what you want, rather than trying to break himself or force. In addition, many supported the Kardashians that Kendall like a grandmother.


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