Julia Roberts showed slender legs in mini skirt


The actress demonstrated the seductive mini skirt is light blue denim.

50-year-old star of the movie “Pretty woman” has never been shy about natural. At the same time, despite its age, the popular actress still boasts stunning forms and have no wrinkles.

And Julia Roberts demonstrates its appeal. Today the star of the television noticed in Malibu. In this Hollywood actress went shopping in a normal supermarket, refusing an escort of bodyguards and a private driver. By the way, Julia Roberts did not wear suitably fitting dress, however it didn’t prevent the blonde to attract everyone’s attention.

American demonstrated the seductive mini skirt is light blue denim, which successfully exposed the slender legs of a celebrity. In addition, popular actress added the image using a dark blue t-shirt boxy fit, longsleeve with relevant vertical stripes and the grey melange sneakers. By the way, Julia Roberts was not wearing make up and frilly styling, therefore, enabled to boast of gorgeous natural curls, and for secrecy from prying paparazzi used fashion sunglasses.

It is noteworthy that recently the long-legged blonde lost a few pounds. While Julia says that doesn’t adhere to any diets, and also supports physical fitness, performing basic compound exercises. By the way, not so long ago, a recipe of harmony shared popular mannequin Cindy Crawford. According to star of the catwalks, she practices yoga, running and strength exercises. In this famous brunette trust the simple exercises that are performed, as a schoolgirl, because they do not want to pay thousands of dollars for professional trainers.


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