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Чучхе по русски

All the same, sometimes it’s nice to feel like a prophet. Accidentally stumbled upon your article from 20 years ago that I decided to reprint without any changes. I knew it! I knew back then!

Am I sitting drinking tea, listening to the radio, do TV, I am increasingly envelop the soothing words about the need to support “domestic producers”.

This concept is familiar to me and close. I contribute to support domestic producers, as in free from journalistic activities have Hobbies – doing breeding work with domestic breeds of cats. Two domestic manufacturers rather procreator live in my apartment.

But on TV and on the radio is talking about other manufacturers Russian enterprises. And that to me is not clear. Because in the world there is probably no production, tightly bound to one country. Russian laptop on a nearby table, assembled from components made in Malaysia, China, Korea, Ireland, Japan and the United States. And my calculator, which bears the proud Korean name is formed from chips made in Russia.

And it’s not even just that, for example, labour is cheaper in Malaysia, and the most intelligent (and cheap) programmers in India. Just do modern technology and production methods are so “wide” that can’t be squeezed into the framework of a particular country.

The words “American company” means, generally, exactly what the name of this company was in the USA. But the owners of the company can be, for example, citizens of Russia, the company’s plants will be located somewhere in Ireland, Malaysia and Brazil at the same time, Finance in Asia and the major consumers in Europe.

So how do you determine the nationality of the manufacturer?

The place of registration? It often has absolutely no relation to the places of activity of the company.

The nationality of the owners? They are often sprayed on the world is stronger than the firm itself.

At the location of production? Unless! When the firm feeds the citizens of any country, giving them jobs, then they, these citizens, there is every reason to believe that his firm, national. Yes, but at such time any overseas “Ford” or “DEU”, we have built a small factory for the Assembly of cars, will be a thousand times more native and national, than 100 percent of the Russian Vorkuta mine who not only can’t feed themselves or their employees, but also hang heavy on the neck of their country.

Meanwhile, it is clear that those who talk about supporting domestic producers, have in mind the Vorkuta mines, and not the factory “Ford” or “Intel” in Russia.

Then what’s the point? Who would be worse if instead of “Zhiguli” in Russia will be “Ford”?

Work? Hardly! Ford will pay them more, and more regularly.

Consumers? Let him throw a stone at me one who will prove that Ford is worse and significantly more expensive Zhiguli (if to take into account the customs duties).

Budget? Also no, because a prosperous Ford will pay taxes and better, and more than half dead Plants.

Then someone explain to me what is common sense support “domestic producers”, which mean a man who, using outdated technology (for the modern international division of labour do not work), produces only the raw material that is at hand (often, not quite what I need) in one separately taken country, not a very high quality product (because, again, without modern technology and modern quality impossible) and here everything he consumes.

In textbooks this is called “subsistence farming”. And the world is a country that has implemented such a facility in practice, North Korea. It’s called Juche and provides a very efficient way of governing the country: at any point you can cut off the oxygen to any disgruntled element, because from the outside-the oxygen is not supplied.

What can we do to move to a subsistence economy? It is quite possible, then, that after ten years of problems and in fact will not. As well as will not this country, nor, may be, we are with you. Will not do anything. Because, as rightly noted by one of the founders of Juche, “great ideas win.”


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